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Marking Deals as redeemed/used

Jeremy -

CityVoter only markets the Deal Vouchers and acts an as agent in selling the Deal Vouchers on behalf of the Merchants.  It is the businesses responsibility to mark the Vouchers as used/redeemed.  Voucher can be marked as redeemed through the Business Center or you can print a hard copy and mark them by hand.

*Please Note: It is CityVoter's policy not to disclose personal information about the voters (i.e. full names, email addresses, etc.)

1) Visit the Manage Deals section and click on the "Customers" tab:


2) Marking Vouchers as redeemed through the Business Center

This option sorts your list of customers by Deals.  If you've created more than one Deal you can choose which one you would like to view view in the drop down menu.  To mark the Voucher as redeemed/used click on the "Mark as redeemed" button next to the voucher being used:

3) Marking Vouchers with a printed Master List

It's always handy to have a hard copy laying around.  This option allows you to print a list of all purchases for every Deal created for your business.  Simply click on the blue "print a master list" link:



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