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Verified accounts

Jeremy -

Validation is an important security check that helps ensure that CityVoter contests are fun and fair.  If you need to validate your account to access a feature, you'll see a yellow warning notice when you are logged in to a CityVoter contest site, like the one shown below. 

There are two ways to validate your account:

  1. Add a social connection
  2. Confirm your Email Address

Adding a Social Connection

Connecting to a Social Account is the easiest way to validate your account. Many voters prefer to create their account by connecting to a social account, but you can also complete this step after signing up with an email address. Simply go to your 'Settings' Page (link in top right of page when you are signed in, see example below) and go to 'Linked Accounts' at the bottom. Choose the social network you want to connect to and follow the prompts.

Confirm your Email Address

If you have received the confirmation email, simply click on the link in the email to confirm your account. It's that easy!

If you have not received the confirmation email, please: 

  • Check the junk mail folder or spam filter in your email
  • Make sure your email address is entered correctly
  • Try resending the email by clicking 'Resend Email confirmation' in the yellow banner.

If you still have not received the confirmation email:

  • Consider using a different email address, preferably from a large domain (gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.). We find that delivery to these domains is the most consistent.

What happens if you don't validate your account?

Don't worry, your votes will still be counted. However, if you are unable to validate your account, you will have limited access to certain features on CityVoter sites until you have confirmed.


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