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Creating a voter account

Jeremy -

CityVoter accounts are completely free and easy to make. In addition to signing up via email, CityVoter offers a number of ways to create an account with your social network identities. This means one less password to remember and gives you one-click access to revisiting your account. See below:


Sign up via Facebook

When you are creating an account or signing in, you can use your Facebook account to create an account.

Sign up via Twitter

Another option is to use your Twitter account to create an account. When using Twitter, you will also be prompted to supply a valid email address. While it is not required, it is suggested you use the email address associated with your Twitter account.

Sign up via other Social Networks

There are a few other social networks that you can use including Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live which require various degrees of information, but also provide a simple path to account creation.


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