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Editing Fine Print in Deals

Aaron W. -

When creating your deal you can use the fine print section to create guidelines or clarify information. This fine print section can be used to clear up potential confusion about the deal by explaining details and parameters. 


But to keep fine print from being mishandled we have specific policies on when and how you can change the fine print of your deal.


You can change the fine print when: You may change the fine print on your deal if no one has purchased your deal yet. To do so follow the link below to our helpdesk and specify your fine print changes. The fine print changes will be looked over and if they are within the rules we will change them as soon as possible.


You cannot change the fine print when: If someone has purchased your deal then the fine print is locked and our rules do not permit editing the deal for that individual. If a change is necessary though, you may end (or cancel) the current deal by logging into your account in the Business Center and visiting the Deal Management Page. Here you will see an "off" button, clicking this will take the deal down and if you'd like to make changes you can create a new deal with the changes now. However you must honor the fine print of any deals you sold before you made the changes.



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