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Earning points and the leaderboard

Jeremy -


Points are awarded based on your voting behavior (voting for a nominee, casting pivotal votes that break ties, voting a lot in one day, completing a section, etc.). You can view your points for the current contest on your ballot.

The system does not award any points for changing your vote and a few other repetitive actions. Trust us, it’s more fun that way.

We can’t tell you exactly how many points each action gives you, you’ll need to try it to find out! But we can tell you that the bullhorn is the most valuable of the three actions. Each action gives you a boost up in the standings, so vote away and keep campaigning to show love for your favorite businesses and move your way up the Leaderboard!

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard is a ranking of the most active voters ordered by total points. The leaderboard is updated hourly, so if you think you should be ranked there, sit tight.

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