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How do I vote for a nominee?

Jeremy -

Trying to vote for your neighborhood pizza place? Your friend’s ice cream shop? Your favorite hair salon? We’re glad to hear it – first things first, all votes require an account.

Voting on the Web

Once you have an account, the best thing to do is find the nominee you want to vote for by searching, and going to their profile page. Once you are there, tap the big “Vote Now” button and you’ll see options for their eligible categories. Pick one and you’ll be on your way to voting!



In addition to voting from their profile page, you can also vote from any section or category page. In this example, if you are on a page with the nominees for Best Pet Boarding, all you have to do is find the nominee you want to vote for, hover over the tile and click the yellow vote button.



Voting on your Mobile Device

Voting from a mobile device is very similar. You simply have to find the nominee you want to vote for and you will see the “Vote” button on the profile page.

* Please note: each voter may vote once per category by clicking on the yellow vote button on the nominee profile of their choice

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