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How do I add a nomination / category to an existing business?

Jeremy -

*Hint: Disable any popup blockers

PLEASE NOTE: This option is only available to nominees with verified accounts.

Voting for a nominee in a category that is not listed on their profile is referred to as "Off Ballot" voting - it means that a voter wants to vote for a nominee in a category they have not "officially" been nominated in.

To vote for a nominee in a category that is not listed on their business profile, click the "Vote Now" button and click the "Choose another category" link in the dropdown bar. From there you will see a list of eligible categories.

If the category you are looking for is not on the dropdown list, it may mean that you have already voted for the nominee in that specific category, the nominee has opted not to compete in that category or the nominee is ineligible to compete for that category.

1. Click the "Vote Now" button:


2. From the drop down menu, click "Choose another category" link:



3. Select a category from the eligible categories listed and cast your vote



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