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How do I nominate a business?

Jeremy -

Can't find the business you like? To make a nomination you need 2 things:

Who: what is the name of the nominee. It could be a business, a place, or in some cases a person?

What: in which category do you want to add a nominee?

If your nomination meets those two criteria, follow these steps to make your nomination:

Please Note: to make a nomination, you need to have a verified account. For information on how to verify your account, refer to this article.

1. Make sure you are logged in to your account and that your account has been verified

2. Search for the nominee


2. On the search results screen, if the nominee does not show up, click on the "Make A Nomination" button


3. On the form, complete as many fields as possible to ensure other voters will be able to find the nominee



And that's it! Once the business is approved by the CityVoter team you will be able to find the business using the search tool!

Do you own or manage a business? Find out more about how to self-list your business and get priority access to the Business Center.

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