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How do I claim my nominee / business profile?

Jeremy -

* In order to claim a profile you must first verify your voter account. For help, please refer to this article.

There are two ways to claim your page:

1. Claim it from your nominee page
2. Visit Business Resources on the contest page


Please Note: to access the Business Center, you must be owner or an authorized representative of the nominee.  Also, you will not be able to edit the profile until your claim is approved by CityVoter.


1. Claim it from your nominee page

The easiest way to your public nominee page is to search for it in the tool bar.  Once you have found your nominee page look for the link that says "Manage This Business" (*see example below).  Follow the steps to claim your profile and access the Business Center:



Please Note: If you are getting a message that says your business has already been claimed, refer to this article.



2.a. Visit the Business Welcome Center

If you want more information about the Business Center, you can visit the Business Center home from any page on the site by clicking the "Manage Your Business" link under Quick Links section or clicking on the "Business Owners" link in the footer.  From there, you can search for your profile, or add your business listing:




2.b. Fill out the required information

After you submit your claim, you will be re-directed to another page confirming your submission.


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