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What is the Business Center?

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What is the Business Center?

The Business Center is where business owners and authorized representatives of the business can edit, update and enhance their [FREE] nominee profile. Here are some highlights of the tools that are offered in the Business Center:

  • Track your nomination and progress in the contest
  • Create Deals to offer discounts or special offers to potential customers
  • Access free promotional tools to help spread the word about your nomination
  • Add photos, videos and rich content to your business profile
  • and much more!

Click here for information on how to claim your business profile.

*Please note: at this time, CityVoter accounts (based on a unique email address), are only able to manage one nominee at a time (via the Business Center). If you would like to manage multiple nominees, we suggest you create a different [voter] account and send in a claim to manage each listing.

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