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Advice on how to set up your business profile

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Business Information Guidelines

In order to provide users with correct and uniform information, all Business Profiles must adhere to the following Business Information Guidelines. CityVoter reserves the right to remove any information from our guide that does not meet these guidelines:


Only owners or authorized representatives of the business may claim a business profile.

Best Practices: When creating a Business Owner Account:

  • Use a shared, business email account so that multiple users can access the Business Center
  • If possible, use an email account with a domain that matches your business URL (e.g. you@nullrayspizza.com or manager@nullbarjoshua.com)

Business Name

The name of your business should reflect the exact name of your business as it appears in the offline world. If you want to edit your business name, consider the following:

Correct inaccuracies or misspellings to your business name.
Update your business name if it has changed.
Do Not:
Attempt to manipulate search results by adding extraneous keywords or descriptive words to your business name.
Include your phone number, address, neighborhood or web information in the business name.


The location(s) of your business should be the exact address as it physically exists. When editing your location information, consider the following:

Include your floor or suite information as you would in your mailing address.
Correct inaccuracies in your address.
Update your address if it has changed.
Do Not:
Include extraneous information such as shopping centers and landmarks
Add locations that are outside of the designated geographic area

If your business does not have a physical address (e.g. provides services to an area), additional restrictions may apply.

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