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Hi-Resolution (Vector) Logo

Jeremy -

The A-List and Hot List logos are trademarks and service marks of CityVoter, Inc. By using the A-List and Hot List logos you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions provided through contest site.

1. If you are logged into a Business Center account

Once you are logged into the the Business Center, scroll down and click on "Reach You Customers" link:


Scroll through your Campaign page to the "In Store Materials" section and click on the "Contest logos" link:


You will be directed to the "Marketing Goodies" page. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the contest logo's available for download. Simply click on the logo and an automatic download should begin:



2. If you are logged into a voter account

Visit the "Quick Links" section on the homepage and click on the "Get contest logos and badges" link. This will bring you to the "Marketing Goodies" page where you can download the A-List logo:



* Please note: contests are associated with partners may not grant use of their logo

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