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How can I upload / edit the photos that are associated with my nominee profile?

Jeremy -

After logging in to your Business Center Account, click on "Manage Your Profile" link and scroll down to the Photos section



To upload a photo, simply click on the "Add Photo" box

* Hint: Make sure you disable any pop-up blocker



Choosing a Profile Photo

Your profile photo will appear as your thumbnail across the site.  To choose a profile photo, hover over the desired photo and click on the "Make Profile" link:



You will notice a blue border outlining the new new profile photo:



Crop a Photo

Hover the desired photo and select "Crop" to re-size the area of a photo.  You will be able to see what the final version of the photo looks like as you are cropping it:



Delete a Photo

To remove a photo that you no longer wish to associate with your business profile, hover over the photo and click the "X" in the bottom right corner:



After you have finished, be sure you click "Save Photos" otherwise the change won't take place!

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