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Where is my campaign QR Poster? How do I print the QR Poster?

Jeremy -

As a business owner you are offered free customized marketing materials to help you campaign during a contest period. You can find your in-store Campaign Poster by logging into the Business Center and clicking on the "Reach Your Customers" section:



This will take to your Campaign page. You will need to scroll down and click on the "In Store Materials" section:



Clicking on Print Poster will bring you to a preview of what your poster will look like:



If you haven't already, don't forget to create a custom short URL:

* Please Note: if there is already a URL saved you will not need to save it again.



*IMPORTANT: You may need to save the QR Poster to your computer. To save your poster, click "PRINT POSTER" and change the "Destination" to "Save as PDF." 

Once you've saved the QR Poster you will need to open the PDF file on your computer and print it from there.

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